Tips before you arrive for your tattoo:


  • Get an early night! Partying the night before won’t help your pain tolerance, sleep rocks! 

  • Make sure to eat something - this will keep your energy levels up and can help you out too! •  

  • Get a sitter, tattoo studios are full of potential hazards. We have sharps! Please avoid bringing children to the studio.

  • Don’t get sun burnt, just not smart!

  • Get aftercare (a new one, not one your wife used on your babies bottom yesterday! And no sharing!)  - be prepared.

  • Keep the skin clean, exfoliated and moisturised where possible- it helps the ink go in! 

   After Care tips:


  • Leave cover on overnight, up to 48 hours.

  • Remove cover and clean tattoo.

  • Apply aftercare every few hours and try not to let the tattoo dry out.

  • Do not soak the tattoo in the bath or participate in water activities such as swimming. Avoid using sauna, steam room, sun beds etc. 

  • Avoid direct contact with the sun for a minimum of 3 weeks. Once the tattoo has healed, use sun cream to protect your  tattoo.

  • Keep clean! Avoid contact with dirt, pets, raw meats or any kind of harmful bacteria that may cause infection.

  • Take it easy the next day and don’t use the limb that has been tattooed too much.

  • Once your tattoo has fully healed, continue to keep clean and out of the sun, we recommend keeping the area moisturised  by using products such as coconut oil.

Any questions at all contact us! Even if you think it’s a stupid one, we don’t care! We would rather you checked in.



You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire and media consent form. Please be aware that you could be asked to show ID if you look under 25 before we will tattoo you. We do not tattoo under 18’s under any circumstances.


We will only accept cash and PayPal.

Opening Hours
Tue: 12pm - 7pm
Wed: 12pm - 7pm
Thu: 12pm - 7pm
Fri: 12pm - 7pm
Sat: 12pm - 7pm
Weekend appointments require a deposit at the time of booking.

 "Amazing tattooist, very friendly. Very clean and professional environment. Amazing experience and very talented."


"Travelled up from Devon to have a bespoke piece started today and I absolutely love how it has come out. Can't wait for the next sitting"

"An amazing first tattoo experience! I love my tattoo so much! Very happy customer! Only coming here for my next ones" 

Are you ready to get a tattoo?

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